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Does your child have asthma? Posted on 21 Aug 2020

Don’t forget about their medicines this summer, it will help them when they go back to school or nursery.  See some top tips for managing your child’s asthma below.

Experts say that children need to use their preventer medicine properly during the school holidays. This will help to keep them well and to cope with common infections when they return to school or nursery in September.

Did you know, children are more likely to be admitted to hospital with asthma related illness in September than at any other time of year?

Get your child’s inhaler technique checked by your Pharmacist, GP, or Practice Nurse. Visit for more information.

Top tips for managing your child’s asthma

  • Make sure that they always use their preventer inhalers as explained by their doctor or asthma nurse, even if they have no symptoms. These inhalers are usually brown, orange,red or purple, and need to be taken every day.
  • Speak to your child’s school about their asthma.
  • Have a reliever (blue) inhaler and spacer, to leave at school or nursery. Take the inhaler home at the end of each term to check the expiry date and check how much is left. Remember to take it or a new one back at the start of next term.
  • Make sure your child has enough medicine in their inhaler to last through the holiday.
  • Take your child to their GP surgery if their asthma is stopping them doing exercise, when playing sports or keeping them awake at night.
  • Ensure that your child has an annual asthma review with their GP or Practice Nurse.
  • Make sure children with asthma have the flu jab and Pneumonia jab when offered. This will protect them against serious illness. If you are unsure which injections your child should have, please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse.
  • Ensure that your child has an annual asthma review with their GP or Practice Nurse.
  • Ensure your child has an up to date asthma plan and make sure school has a copy of it.

If you have any questions about asthma...... you can talk to your pharmacist, GP or Practice Nurse or visit Asthma UK’s website at

Call the Asthma UK Adviceline - The Asthma UK telephone Adviceline service is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The number to call is 0300 222 5800. A small friendly team of asthma nurse specialists who provide independent confidential advice and support to people with asthma and their Carers.

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